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KOKKU, the jewellery brand launched in the fall of 2010 by husband and wife team Andrea and Ansula Usai has forged for itself a unique path; it is centered on the idea of preserving a culture and devotedly protecting a dying art form.

For Ansula and Andrea, this ethical framework of “doing business by doing good” flows from the values influenced by their diverse cultural backgrounds. Born to a German mother and a Sri Lankan father, Ansula comes from a family of architects and designers. While Andrea, a native Sardinian led a successful career in the travel and art market before turning his attention to the preservation of traditional Sardinian crafts; a cause close to his heart.




What makes KOKKU so special apart from being exquisite to behold, is that it represents life’s sacred blessings; paying homage to the most precious moments in a person’s life. Just like the brand, the jewellery is unforgettable and unique.

For Andrea and Ansula, the moral stance they adopt reflects their personal family values, as they retain a sentimental connection with their birthplaces and homelands. To them this is a deeply personal endeavor. Pieces from the collections are resonant of the intimate moments in their lives; from their engagement to the birth of their children, all their pieces hold meaning for them; and they hope it will too for others around the world.



The business is driven by the following principles:

SIMPLICITY: our vision is to PRESERVE BY PROMOTING undiscovered and traditional craftsmanship;
ETHICAL COMMITMENT: we support traditional craftsmanship skills from Sardinia with the aim of passing these to future generations;
INNOVATION: through traditional craftsmanship we have made possible exciting contemporary designs through patented techniques in filigree metalwork;
IDENTITY: taking its name from a traditional Sardinian symbol of protection, the Brand, KOKKU will represent strength and growth.