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Sri Lanka project


Travelling back to her homeland of Sri Lanka in 2004 to celebrate Christmas with her family, Ansula Adithiya unexpectedly bore witness to the horrific disaster wrecked across the coast of Sri Lanka by the South Asian Tsunami.


Moved with compassion for the families that were left devastated in the aftermath of the Tsunami, she and her family rallied together and decided on a course of action to bring relief to the victims of the tragedy.


It was then that she made contact with the charity organization, Nawajeewana. A charity that was carrying out relief and rehabilitation efforts in tsunami affected areas along the coast.


Through the charity they were able to give support to two families, providing them with their basic food, clothing and shelter needs as well as pledging support for   any specific circumstantial requirements they had.


The Sooriyarachchi family was one of the recipients of their support - A widowed mother of 5 whose husband had perished while fishing at sea, was provided with a sewing machine which she used to sew clothes for her children.  She was also given financial support which enabled her to start a small business; making coir ropes together with other women from her village. The financial support they received gave them the means to purchase raw materials necessary to start the business and so sustained them until they were able to manage without help.


The Karanchcharige family - Lahiru and Ruwani; a teenage boy and his 5 year old sister who were left orphaned after the tsunami killed both their parents were the other beneficiaries of Ansula’s family’s help. The children were provided with yearly school supplies and still receive monthly financial support to cover their schooling needs. Lahiru the teenage boy, being musically gifted also receives support to develop his musical talent. 


Together with Navajeewana, Ansula is committed to this particular project for the long term. Insistent that she will continue supporting the two children until they are able to stand on their own two feet.


“We maintain communication with the Navajeewana charity, and whenever we visit Sri Lanka we make personal contact with the families” Ansula says, “We are proud to see them doing well and we welcome any contribution towards our little charity to help children in Sri Lanka.”


KOKKU are delighted to donate 5% of all sales up to Christmas to the Nawajeewaya Charity in Sri Lanka in aid of families who were affected by the 2004 Tsunami offering a home to children who lost their parents. Buy your KOKKU and support us in this initiative!