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KOKKU ethics


KOKKU’S artistic values, ethical awareness, and social responsibility form the foundation of our brand.


We are deeply compassionate about the artisans we support and our primary concern is for the preservation and continuation of the traditional filigree craft. Our philosophy of “preserving by promoting” is one of our core business values.


Filigree jewellery is a tradition deeply rooted in Sardinian history.  It was brought to Sardinia by the Phoenicians who landed on the shores of Sardinia around 1000BC bringing with them their traditions, culture and artistic skill. One of these skills was the production of filigree metalwork. From then on filigree has become an important part of the cultural identity of Sardinia; a specialised skill honed through centuries of practice.


Our greatest assignment is the preservation of this great legacy and ensuring a future for our master artisans and their trade. KOKKU aims to ensure that new generations are interested in learning and keeping up the filigree traditions.


KOKKU’s filigree masterpieces are made by artisans, for whom this is a very significant (or only) income. This art form is in danger of being lost on account of the availability of more efficient and sometimes mechanised processes. It is our aim to support the craftsmen who are otherwise suffering as a result of the rise of factory produced goods and from the export of skills towards low cost production countries; ensuring that they and their families are taken care of and that their craft will be conserved for future generations to enjoy. We hope that this will in turn contribute to a sustainable global economy and preserve a culture very close to our heart.


We urge you to join the KOKKU vision in support of these master artisans who carry the skills and traditions that have contributed so richly to our heritage and past, and help us to secure a future for generations to come; enabling them create their own legacy.


We also believe that our ethics should be embedded in our products, which is why KOKKU jewellery is made mostly from recycled gold. We are committed to sustaining our ethical production values, to create beautiful jewellery that doesn't compromise our commitment to the earth.