art of filigree

Filigree (formerly written filigrann or filigrene) is a delicate kind of jewellery metalwork made with twisted threads usually of gold and silver or stitching of the same curving motifs. (from Wikipedia)

Ancient and modern designs are used to make filigree jewellery which requires endless patience and composure. The Sardinian filigree jewellery was made in honour of female vanity and grace. The only way to reach the level of precision and intricacy as in the filigree jewellery that we represent is to make it by hand.

Handmade_KOKKU_Jewellery___Petali_1 Handmade_KOKKU_Jewellery___Petali_2 Handmade_KOKKU_Jewellery___Petali_3 Handmade_KOKKU_Jewellery___Petali_4 Petali pendant made by hand

Jewellery in Sardinia has been made using the method of filigree workmanship for many centuries. In fact, the Sardinian tradition for filigree is between the most ancient in the world. It started with the decoration of sacred utensils for religious purposes, it continued with the creation of articles mainly produced to protect from evil’s eye (ill-wishing) to then reach the maximum level of intricacy with the decoration of filigree jewellery used to beautify women’s figure. More than any other artefact from Sardinia the goldsmith’s art has had the creative imagination to make artistic designs of refined skills and original perfection. These characteristic traditional and contemporary designs have been enriched by a series of significant innovations in the techniques allowing Sardinian craftsmen and Sardinian artistic jewellery to be appreciated all over the world.The effects of this development of techniques are very clear on our pieces and this is the reason why we claim our filigree jewellery to be innovative and unique.

What makes KOKKU filigree jewellery unique?

Mixed with the traditional are exciting contemporary designs made possible thanks to a series of “significant innovations” in filigree metalwork. Indeed, several techniques used for KOKKU’s jewellery are patented and exclusively used by the local artisans.

There are two significant innovations in KOKKU’s pieces. The first is the size of the thread used. Some of our jewellery is decorated with filigree made of a thread with a diameter that can be as thin as 0.25mm.

The second is the use of the filigree itself. In the original style of workmanship the filigree is used to decorate and beautify jewellery by adding a graceful touch. In many of our jewellery pieces, however, filigree is used not as a decorative addition but as a structural support for the design, making the pieces volumetric and light.

These elements create the light and fresh look of (at times) very sophisticated pieces and make them particularly easy to wear without compromising the hard wearing characteristics of high quality jewellery.